Climate change denial is no longer an option

We could of course explore ways of generating our own energy. It might be possible to identify aesthetically pleasing solar panels that could be fitted on the south facing roof. Someone has even suggested a wind turbine in the West End Garden. (All other suggestions gratefully received). What we do know is that if the world is going to be able to get through this environmental crisis, it will require a positive commitment on the part of all of us.

Do people still send postcards?

…But then the school holidays are six or seven weeks. That can seem like a life time for some families. So, I’m pleased that throughout the whole of the holiday our premises – church & hall – will be hosting a succession of summer playschemes. Already this week both buildings are full of very lively children. And even though we can’t run holiday clubs ourselves, we are pleased to be able to partner with established users to ensure that everyone who comes has a really good time…