We are not alone

We read to know we’re not alone’, words spoken by Anthony Hopkins in his role as C.S. Lewis in Shadowlands. Getting on for these last two years, reading has been the salvation of many. Summed up for me most succinctly thus, ‘Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.’ As the likelihood of yet another period of lockdown seems increasingly inevitable, these words resonate. – I know we might substitute Television or Radio for Reading; both equally valuable in their own way – Nevertheless, there is something about ‘Reading’. The author, Hannah Fielding, comments, ‘

9 Lessons & Carols

And so, 9 Lessons & Carols is nearly upon us. The lessons themselves are already determined. But as for the carols, now that’s another matter altogether. We all have our favourites. We all have at least one carol that we just cannot stand. Well, convention has it that we start with, ‘One in Royal David’s City’, and at the Free Church we invariably end with, ‘Hark the Herald Angels sing.’ But in between?

Speak truth to power

As we move through the Advent season, we are reminded how it is that in the Old Testament we have recorded the words of the prophets foretelling the coming of the Messiah. And of course, the Christian tradition believes that such prophecies have found their fulfilment in the birth of Jesus the Christ. But there is also a less well-known prophecy which declares that before Messiah shall come, Elijah shall return.

Armistice Day 2021

…Any direct ‘living link’ with WW1 has long been broken. But there remain amongst us those who can recall Grandfathers, fathers, uncles; those who were ‘fortunate’ enough to have survived the conflict, returning home, having to readjust to civilian life. Invariably scarred for life – physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually – often to such an extent that the damage done proved irreparable…


How far are we prepared to go to ensure that we play our admittedly small part in the overall project. And we have to be mindful that while many of us are sufficiently well-off financially to be able to take the inevitable hit re prices etc, there will be some of us, and many others, who just won’t be able to afford to do what is being asked of them.