No shadows without sunshine: with sunshine, always shadows

Yesterday, I had an e/mail from someone in Australia reminding me that exactly one year ago his mother had died. She had just celebrated her 100th birthday and her death had been peaceful (non-Covid related). During her funeral we had reminded each other how it was that she had been born during the tail end of the previous global pandemic – Spanish flu – and had died during the early stages of the present one…

Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint

During this last year, many things we might have done never did get done. For many different reasons. One thing that I didn’t do that in more ‘normal’ times I would have done without thinking was to renew my passport. I imagine there will come a day when I will get round to it, but for now its not very far up my ‘to do’ list. There has been a lot of talk about ‘passports’ this last week. Or to use the proper term, ‘Covid Status Certificates.’ …

‘Line of Duty’

So, were you, like me, one of the 9.6 million viewers who tuned in last Sunday evening to watch the first episode of series 6 of ‘Line of Duty’? I have to admit that I’ve been hooked right from the very beginning: Superintendent Hastings (Ted), DI Fleming (Kate), & DS Arnott (Steve) – AC 12’S finest – they are family.

The year of ‘lockdowns’

Next Tuesday, the 23rd March will be the anniversary of when we first went into ‘lockdown’. At that time none of us quite knew what lay ahead of us. But we did have a sense that this was serious. Well, now we know. And having lived through it, each one of us, nothing more need be said. But it may be that for all of us, there is a need to think about just what this last year has meant for us…

Racism is a sin

o, did you watch ‘that’ interview? What did you make of Meghan & Harry? Did it change your mind about the Royal Family? I confess that I did not watch it. But whether you did or not, none of us is immune to the issues raised, most especially that of alleged racism. Paul says that ‘all have sinned’ – which means that all of us, at some time or another put ourselves first at the expense of others;

Budget Day

Today, Wednesday, is Budget Day; one of the great political ‘set piece’ occasions of the year. It used to be that everything in the Budget was kept a closely guarded secret until revealed by the Chancellor during his actual Budget speech. Nowadays it is as if it is ‘open season’ on what the speech will contain. Its not for me to comment on any particular proposals. Each one of us will reach our own judgement about such things. But it does serve to remind us that whilst the Pandemic is primarily a human tragedy –