Hi Everyone,

There are two important events happening in the life of our church family over the next two months:

1.   Yesterday was the closing date for applications to our Ministerial vacancy. We have 7 applications. Over the next weeks, the Elders and Deacons will be short listing and then interviewing candidates. We hope that the outcome of this process will be that we will recommend someone to the congregation to Preach with a View.

2.   Elders & Deacons Election. At the end of this month, I will be asking for nominations for Elders and Deacons. Everyone now serving in these capacities will be standing down. There is an article in the October issue of News & Views about this and I shall say more later this month.

So, we are asking the church family to pray about these issues over the next few months. We are offering a particular prayer that we can all use, in our times of quiet and reflection, praying for the future of our church and for guidance and the leading of the Spirit in the decisions we are going to need to make.

I attach the prayer below:

Best wishes,


Penny Trafford, HGS Free Church Secretary






You are a God who is alive, present and active in Your world.

All there is You made to be. All we are, You made us to be.

Your life is our life, and our life is Your life.


In Jesus, you have lived our life.

In living our life You have showed us how to live.


In and through the Holy Spirit You are living our life.

In and through the Holy Spirit our lives become one life.

Each of us is living Your life and Your life is lived in each of us.


We live life together. We share life with each other.

Each of our lives is bound up with the lives of others.

Within the life of the Church, You are binding us, each to the other.

You are binding us to Yourself.


We want to be the people we ought to be: to do what we ought to do.

We want to know what it means to be the people of God.

As a congregation, we want to be Your people in this place, at this time.


We ask that You will speak clearly to us and give us the gift of hearing,

So that we know how to move forward in Your name.


Speak, Lord…

Pause for Prayer Oct 2022