Vacancy for Full Time Minister

Stipend:  Baptist Union Minimum guaranteed

+ package dependent on experience

Hampstead Garden Suburb Free Church is seeking a Minister to lead our welcoming, open and affirming Church.  The Minister is a public figure in the Suburb, and although Christians are a minority, plays a significant role within the community, interacting with many local residents who enjoy the welcome they receive from the Free Church and its many activities.

We have a stable Church family, supported by the experience and skills of its members.

We wish to continue to expand our outreach, welcoming those with different faiths or none to our activities, enabling all to see the love of God in action.

The Minister we are seeking will rejoice visibly in God’s love and continue the tradition of supporting those in need and challenging injustice and marginalisation wherever it is found. The individual will have excellent communication skills, using these to spread God’s word locally and, through technology, further afield. Collaborative and leadership skills will be necessary, to lead the team and worship.




The Minister of the Free Church works with a team of Elders to lead the Church family in worship and take it, and all it represents, into the wider community.

The role includes: 

  • Preaching at the weekly Church services and Church festivals, and leading the congregation in worship.
  • The celebration of Holy Communion. In the Free Church we have an open table. We share the bread and have individual glasses for the wine.
  • Infant Baptism/Christening and Dedication; there is a font.
  • Believer’s Baptism; there is a baptistry for total immersion.

According to our Constitution Ministers of the Free Church are required to undertake both infant and believer’s baptism.

  • Helping prepare couples for marriage and conducting
  • Conducting funerals and supporting those who are dying and those who have been bereaved.
  • Encouraging church membership. This includes conducting appropriate introductory classes on different aspects of faith as well as the two denominations to which we are affiliated
  • Providing pastoral care and support to the church family in crises and through the various events in their lives. To extend the same care across the local community, so demonstrating our caring Church in its many guises, including rejoicing and grieving with others.
  • Chairing and guiding the Trustee, Elders and Deacons Courts, and the Church meetings and any other meetings associated with the activities of the Church.
  • Outreach and Mission taking the Free Church beliefs and values into the community to ensure that all can share the love of God for the world and all of those in it. The role outside the Church building is as essential as that within it.
  • Teaching and developing the congregation in its spiritual growth.


Person Specification

We expect our Minister to be able to demonstrate a number of essential characteristics and skills, including:

  • A faithful disciple of Jesus Christ, seeking always to live a holy life in public and in private, in order to model and encourage life-long patterns in others with integrity, yet open to learning from others.
  • An experienced theologian who is able through oral and written communication skills to convey the complexity of the love of God and his work to different audiences within the Church family.
  • A pastor who enjoys sharing with and walking alongside others and makes time to convey empathy for individuals in their lives, with unconditional acceptance of the differences in people within the wider community.
  • A leader, who has a vision jointly held by the congregation, and enables &supports individuals to develop their skills.
  • A collaborator who is capable of working in teams and dealing with conflict.
  • A person of humility who acknowledges their own mistakes and seeks restoration.
  • A person with the interpersonal skills to work across the age range and can demonstrate an understanding of the particular needs of children and young people, reaching out to them within the Church, its services and beyond.
  • A person with good organisational skills, a competent administrator, good with new technology.
  • An ecumenically minded minster who will contribute to both local and national interfaith discussions and decisions.


About Us

 Please look under the tab “About us” on the Home Page where you will find:

Our services are broadcast live via Youtube and are available on Youtube Church's channel.

The Church’s Accounts are on public record and available through the Charity Commission website.



If interested in this position, please apply sending:

  • Your CV.
  • The attached application form to be completed.
  • A covering letter explaining why you are applying for this position at this time.


Mrs Penny Trafford


Closing Date 09.10.2022

Short listing 10.10.2022 - 17.10.2022

Interviews Wed November 2nd 2022

Download: Application Form