Below you find a list of facilities which you can rent.

Larger Hall
A large hall suitable for public meetings, large parties and gatherings.   Good access and facilities for disabled visitors.

A small room with tea making area suitable for small classes or meetings.  Connects with Big Hall and the 2 rooms can be used together.  Good access and facilities for disabled visitors.

Smaller Hall
A medium sized hall (two thirds the size of the larger hall) with tea making facilities suitable for smaller parties and classes.

Oriel Room
Upstairs room with access via stairs.  Suitable for classes and meetings.

Elders Vestry
Medium sized room with piano and access to tea making area.  Suitable for classes, meetings and children’s parties.

Little Chapel
Smaller room with piano with access to tea making area.

Large grade 1 listed church building with sloping floor.  Suitable for public meetings, concerts and recitals, exhibitions and other community activities.